Poppet-Style Solenoid Directional Valves are Cost-Effective

IDI_DO3_SeriesPoppet-style solenoid directional valves that are sold through Interface Devices, Inc. can be utilized with the majority of hydraulic pumps. These poppet-style valves can serve a very important purpose, assisting in the proper maintenance of output pressure and preventing the generation of heat or the consumption of energy by the hydraulic supply.

Interface Devices offers poppet-style valves for use with single acting cylinders or double acting cylinders, with valves available in two-position and three position four-way configurations as well as in three-way configurations.  Each of the poppet-style valves are cost-effective and affordable as well as being versatile.  The poppet-style valves are ideally suited to integrate with air-driven liquid pumps produced by IDI but may also be used in other applications as well.  Contact Interface Devices, Inc. to learn more about the availability of poppet-style solenoid directional valves and to see why these valves are so cost-effective when they are utilized.

Air-Driven Gas Boosters Are Portable

air-gas-boostersIt may become necessary to boost output pressure in a variety of different applications. Air-driven gas boosters may be utilized to achieve desired output pressure. Air-driven gas boosters are a popular choice for boosting output pressure because the boosters are portable.

Air-driven gas boosters are ideal portable methods of boosting output pressure for many reasons. Systems typically weigh less than 15 pounds, making it easy to transport the booster.  Systems also require few components for installation. As long as two hydraulic lines and an air connection are available, the air-driven gas booster should be able to be installed.  Boosters can also be used in a wide variety of applications because the boosters do not generate heat and do not need a heat exchange like a more traditional hydraulic system would require.

For those interested in exploring whether a portable air-driven gas booster is the appropriate booster to utilize, contact Interface Devices, Inc. today to find out about the full line of available gas boosters.

Are Air-Driven Liquid Pumps an Effective Alternative for Traditional Hydraulic Power Units?

tn-EHPAir-driven liquid pumps are an effective alternative in many situations than the use of traditional hydraulic power units. Air-driven liquid pumps are not just an effective alternative, but the pumps may actually be an economical and cost-effective alternative as well. Air-driven liquid pumps may be preferable to other solutions including the use of traditional hydraulic power units because air-driven liquid pumps are able to achieve almost 100 percent energy efficiency. No energy wasted means less operating cost.

Air-driven liquid pumps can hold pressures for many days at a time without generating heat or without the consumption of any energy, which means that these pumps may even be used in hazmat environments. The pumps come in a customizable configuration, and can be factory-customized so the units can be plug-and-play, making them an easy solution to utilize. To find out whether these air-driven liquid pumps are a viable solution for a particular application, contact Interface Devices, Inc. today.

Are Air-Driven Gas Boosters Efficient?

air-gas-boostersAir-driven gas boosters are an efficient solution for use in applications where it becomes necessary to boost output pressures from anywhere between 50 psi (or 3.4 bar) and up to 4500 psi (or to 306 bar). Air-driven gas boosters are an effective and efficient choice in these situations for many different reasons. One of the biggest advantages to the use of air-driven gas boosters for boosting output pressure is that neither any compressed air, nor any electrical power, is used by the booster in order to maintain continuous pressures for many hours at a time. Because the boosters do not use compressed air or electrical power, the air-driven gas boosters are an efficient solution.

Air-driven gas boosters are suitable for use with most common industrial gases, including with natural gas, hydrogen, and methane. The boosters that are considered high-pressure models are able to use exhaust air in order to provide cooling for boosted gas, making the boosters a very convenient solution. Learn more from IDI today about whether air-driven gas boosters are an efficient option.

Should You Get a Pump Professionally Repaired?

tools-864983_1920Interface Devices, Inc. (IDI) provides repair service for all products that are sold through us. The repairs may be performed at the IDI facility in Milford, Connecticut. Clients and customers who require any type of repair service may contact IDI in order to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA). An RMA will make sure the return process goes smoothly.

The items in need of repair should be sent to IDI. Once IDI receives the items that need to be repaired, a quote on the cost of the repairs will be provided in a timely manner. The item will be sent back, working as good as new. In most cases, it is possible for a repair to be completed so quickly that the return shipment of the item is on its way back within 24 hours after the product was received for repair.

When emergency or breakdown service becomes necessary, IDI can also provide the services that are needed in most cases. Getting professional repair is a smart choice to get your pump or other IDI product back to optimal functioning level. Contact us.

Parts for Air-Driven Liquid Pumps

D03-poppet-valvesAir-driven liquid pumps are designed to operate for long periods of time without the need for upgrades, repair, or maintenance. The goal is to prevent interruption of normal operations for the applications in which the pump is being used. With a high quality air-driven liquid pump, there should be no need for regular intervention as the pump should operate flawlessly.

In some cases, however, it does become necessary to purchase either accessory parts for air-driven liquid pumps to make them work more optimally, or to purchase repair parts for air-driven liquid pumps in order to fix worn out or problem components.

When parts become necessary for an air-driven liquid pump, IDI stocks virtually all of the spare parts that would be necessary for the use of the pump. By simply contacting IDI and by providing a model number and a serial number, it is possible to get the parts that are necessary quickly. In many cases, same-day delivery is even an option, so call now to get the necessary parts ordered.

How Much Can Air or Gas Pressure Be Increased Using Air and Gas Amplifiers?

air-amplifiersAir and gas pressure may be inadequate to accomplish a desired task. Air and gas amplifiers make it possible to boost the output pressure significantly above the input pressure so that the air and gas utilized will be sufficient to accomplish what is necessary. Air and gas amplifiers sold by Interface Devices, Inc. can increase the pressure at the point of use by as much as two times the input drive pressure. This makes these air and gas boosters incredibly valuable in situations where compressor pressures are inadequate.

Air and gas amplifiers may be used with most gases, including common industrial gases. The amplifiers can be used with almost all gases other than those requiring special handling or those considered especially volatile. For effective operation of air and gas amplifiers, the drive supply should typically be filtered and should have adequate flow. When these conditions are met, the air and gas amplifiers can be used in production environments.

To learn more about the air and gas amplifiers available through Interface Devices, Inc. (IDI) and to find out if the amplifiers can produce the desired output pressure, contact IDI today.

What Types of Poppet-Style Valves are Available?

D03-poppet-valvesInterface Devices, Inc. has different kinds of poppet-style valves available for use with air driven liquid pumps and hydraulic pumps. There are two-position four way valves that are considered double solenoid valves or that can be spring offset. There are also three position, four way poppet-style solenoid valves that have four-way springs. The poppet valves with the four-way centered springs may work in applications with any desired center position, including positions with all ports blocked.

Interface Devices, Inc. has different kinds of poppet-style valves to provide opportunities for broad and versatile use. However, all of the poppet-style valves that are available through IDI are able to fit on 4” standard centered D03, NG6, and ISO 6 valve pads. This standard means that it is possible to purchase any valve from IDI including three and four way function valves and rest assured that it will work for the desired use. Learn more on our website.

Air Driven Gas & Air Amplifiers are an Effective Solution to Double Gas Pressure

air-amplifiersAir driven gas and air amplifiers are an effective solution for making it possible to increase the pressure of gas at the point of use. These amplifiers can provide significantly increased pressure, doubling the inlet pressure directly at the location where a higher output is needed. If air or gas is available but is inadequate for the completion of a desired task, air and gas amplifiers can be the ideal way to ensure the output pressure that is required is available.

Interface Devices, Inc. has a variety of air driven gas and air amplifiers to choose from. There are two primary size options from IDI, and there are many different accessories which may be purchased with IDI pumps to allow for these pumps to be used in a versatile array of applications. It is possible to purchase the pumps in a plug and play package so an organization can quickly begin to double the necessary pressure.

Check Out the TASQ Line of Air-Driven Liquid Power Pumps

TASQ-liquid-pumpsIf an organization is looking for a durable pump that will offer a significantly longer service life, one of the best options may be the TASQ Line from Interface Devices, Inc. TASQ stands for Tough, Affordable, Simple, and Quality. Pumps are built to stringent quality standards, and come in a standard configuration so they are available as soon as an organization needs them. Although some customization is possible within this line, the TASQ pumps are primarily designed to be readily available so an organization can get a pump working right away that will offer necessary intermittent pressure.

The TASQ line of pumps are suited for applications up to 5000 PSI or 340 bar. This high quality solution is economical and can be provided quickly. The pumps also come with an integral air regulator as well as a self-contained reservoir in a variety of different sizes. To learn more about whether a TASQ line pump is right for you, contact IDI today.