Air Driven Gas & Air Amplifiers are an Effective Solution to Double Gas Pressure

air-amplifiersAir driven gas and air amplifiers are an effective solution for makingĀ it possible to increase the pressure of gas at the point of use. These amplifiers can provide significantly increased pressure, doubling the inlet pressure directly at the location where a higher output is needed. If air or gas is available but is inadequate for the completion of a desired task, air and gas amplifiers can be the ideal way to ensure the output pressure that is required is available.

Interface Devices, Inc. has a variety of air driven gas and air amplifiers to choose from. There are two primary size options from IDI, and there are many different accessories which may be purchased with IDI pumps to allow for these pumps to be used in a versatile array of applications. It is possible to purchase the pumps in a plug and play package so an organization can quickly begin to double the necessary pressure.