Are Air-Driven Gas Boosters Efficient?

air-gas-boostersAir-driven gas boosters are an efficient solution for use in applications where it becomes necessary to boost output pressures from anywhere between 50 psi (or 3.4 bar) and up to 4500 psi (or to 306 bar). Air-driven gas boosters are an effective and efficient choice in these situations for many different reasons. One of the biggest advantages to the use of air-driven gas boosters for boosting output pressure is that neither any compressed air, nor any electrical power, is used by the booster in order to maintain continuous pressures for many hours at a time. Because the boosters do not use compressed air or electrical power, the air-driven gas boosters are an efficient solution.

Air-driven gas boosters are suitable for use with most common industrial gases, including with natural gas, hydrogen, and methane. The boosters that are considered high-pressure models are able to use exhaust air in order to provide cooling for boosted gas, making the boosters a very convenient solution. Learn more from IDI today about whether air-driven gas boosters are an efficient option.