Are Air-Driven Liquid Pumps an Effective Alternative for Traditional Hydraulic Power Units?

tn-EHPAir-driven liquid pumps are an effective alternative in many situations than the use of traditional hydraulic power units. Air-driven liquid pumps are not just an effective alternative, but the pumps may actually be an economical and cost-effective alternative as well. Air-driven liquid pumps may be preferable to other solutions including the use of traditional hydraulic power units because air-driven liquid pumps are able to achieve almost 100 percent energy efficiency. No energy wasted means less operating cost.

Air-driven liquid pumps can hold pressures for many days at a time without generating heat or without the consumption of any energy, which means that these pumps may even be used in hazmat environments. The pumps come in a customizable configuration, and can be factory-customized so the units can be plug-and-play, making them an easy solution to utilize. To find out whether these air-driven liquid pumps are a viable solution for a particular application, contact Interface Devices, Inc. today.