How Much Can Air or Gas Pressure Be Increased Using Air and Gas Amplifiers?

air-amplifiersAir and gas pressure may be inadequate to accomplish a desired task. Air and gas amplifiers make it possible to boost the output pressure significantly above the input pressure so that the air and gas utilized will be sufficient to accomplish what is necessary. Air and gas amplifiers sold by Interface Devices, Inc. can increase the pressure at the point of use by as much as two times the input drive pressure. This makes these air and gas boosters incredibly valuable in situations where compressor pressures are inadequate.

Air and gas amplifiers may be used with most gases, including common industrial gases. The amplifiers can be used with almost all gases other than those requiring special handling or those considered especially volatile. For effective operation of air and gas amplifiers, the drive supply should typically be filtered and should have adequate flow. When these conditions are met, the air and gas amplifiers can be used in production environments.

To learn more about the air and gas amplifiers available through Interface Devices, Inc. (IDI) and to find out if the amplifiers can produce the desired output pressure, contact IDI today.

Air Driven Gas & Air Amplifiers are an Effective Solution to Double Gas Pressure

air-amplifiersAir driven gas and air amplifiers are an effective solution for making it possible to increase the pressure of gas at the point of use. These amplifiers can provide significantly increased pressure, doubling the inlet pressure directly at the location where a higher output is needed. If air or gas is available but is inadequate for the completion of a desired task, air and gas amplifiers can be the ideal way to ensure the output pressure that is required is available.

Interface Devices, Inc. has a variety of air driven gas and air amplifiers to choose from. There are two primary size options from IDI, and there are many different accessories which may be purchased with IDI pumps to allow for these pumps to be used in a versatile array of applications. It is possible to purchase the pumps in a plug and play package so an organization can quickly begin to double the necessary pressure.

Types of Pneumatic Products

Interface Devices, Inc. offers both hydraulic and pneumatic products, among other types of products. Knowing what the options are for hydraulic and pneumatic products is important so the correct IDI product can be selected to fulfill a specific project goal or need.

Pneumatic products that are offered by Interface Devices, Inc.  include both air amplifiers as well as air and gas boosters.

Air amplifiers are able to be used to double gas pressure or air pressure at the point of use. Air and gas boosters are designed to be used to maintain a set output pressure without the consumption of energy while doing so.

Selecting the right pneumatic products for each particular application is important. Interface Devices, Inc. can provide guidance and information on the different pneumatic products that can be purchased and utilized for each given purpose. Take advantage of the information about the products and the detailed specifications available on IDI’s website to determine if a pneumatic product is the best option.

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Our Variety of Air Amplifiers

Air amplifiers are objects that run air through a chamber and shoot it out on target. You can usually find these devices in a couple of different types.

1. Model AA-160 Air Amplifier
2. Model AA-54 Air Amplifier
Air Amplifiers

The biggest difference between the two types of amplifiers is the maximum flow rate. The maximum flow rate of the former is 19 SCFM, while that of the latter is 50 SCFM. So before you purchase one, you probably want to talk to us so we can discuss your application to make sure you’re getting the right one to fit your needs.

As far as similarities are concerned, they both have pressure regulators for safety and functionality. You’ll also get gauges that will help you monitor the influx and expulsion of air.

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Air amplifiers are a great solution if those who are looking to double output pressure at the point of use.

Air amplifiers are a great solution if those who are looking to double output pressure at the point of use. There are a lot of reasons why air amplifiers may be the right choice, but here are five of the top reasons why choosing this method of increasing output pressure makes sense:

  1. Air amplifiers are cost-effective. There are very low maintenance costs and you won’t have high energy costs either as no energy is required once the amplifier has achieved the desired output pressure.
  2. Electricity not required. Electricity is not required to run an air amplifier.
  3. Air amplifiers can be used anywhere. Air amplifiers can even be used in HAZMAT environments or in explosion proof environments.
  4. Air amplifiers are light-weight and easy to transport. They are compact and come as a complete unit that is ready to run.

These are just a few of the many reasons why air amplifiers make a lot of sense in many different applications.   Visit IDI today for a wide selection of air amplifiers.

Is an Air Amplifier the Right Choice?

Air amplifiers have many important uses and can provide significant benefits. However, air amplifiers are not necessarily the right solution in all industrial and commercial environments and there may be times when other amplification methods are a better choice.

For those who are seeking to double either air or gas pressure at the point of use, then an air amplifier may be a viable choice to consider. However, before an air amplifier is chosen for use, it is essential to should think carefully about the features and benefits of an air amplifier in order to determine if this is the amplification product that is the best and most appropriate solution.

Determining If an Air Amplifier is Right for Your Application

In order to determine if an air amplifier is the appropriate device to use in order to double either air pressure or gas pressure at the point of use, some of the different considerations and factors to take into account include the following:

  • What is the required maximum flow rate and can an air amplifier provide it? Different air amplifiers have different maximum flow rates. For example, one air amplifier model may have a flow rate of 19 SCFM and another may have a maximum flow rate of 50 SCFM or higher. Determine the desired flow rate and consider whether the air amplifier can provide that rate. If the air amplifier will be used for a variety of applications, remember that the designated flow rate is the maximum and a lower flow rate can be selected for various uses.

    air-amplifiers (1)

    Air Amplifiers

  • What is the maximum required output pressure and can the air amplifier provide it?  Determine first what PSI is necessary and then research air amplifiers to find one that provides the necessary output pressure. Air amplifiers can generally produce an output pressure of 300 psi or lower.
  • Is it necessary for the device to be usable in a HAZMAT or explosion proof environment?  They do not generate heat and are generally considered to be safe for use in both a HAZMAT and explosion proof environment. To ensure that the air amplifier is actually going to be appropriate for use under these difficult conditions, check the features and description of the model that is to be purchased.
  • Is it necessary to pressurize other gases using the air amplifier?  Air amplifiers can be configured to allow for the pressurization of other cases. If this feature is desired, then a drive source is necessary. Air amplifiers can use compressed air as a drive source to make it possible to pressurize other gases.

If it is determined to be the right solution, it is also important to shop around for one that offers benefits such as lightweight aluminum construction and an all-in-one design that does not require either a lubricator or an inlet air valve. An all-in-one air amplifier is easier to use whenever and wherever it is required.

Air Amplifier Notes

Need to increase output pressure? Want a device that is low maintenance and useful for multiple applications? Then an IDI air amplifier is likely right for you. Here’s how you can choose the right one for your individual situation:

  • Look at the amplifiers threshold for output pressure. You can get them with pressure adjustability and ones that can handle up to 300 psi.
  • What about heat being generated? In many cases you want an air amplifier that gives off as little heat as possible, for obvious safety reasons.
  • Is it ready to install? Some air amplifiers are difficult to install and will require extra parts. Purchase one from IDI and you will get all the tubings and fittings necessary to make installation as quick and easy as possible.

Why IDI?
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A Closer Look at our Air Amplifiers

An air amplifier significantly increases air or other gas pressure at area of use. If you are in search of a quality air amplifier, Interface Devices has exactly what you need. We offer our customers the option of choosing from two different models of air amplifiers for their specific needs.

Models offered:

    Model AA-54 Air Amplifier—Control the output pressure by adjusting the internally placed inlet drive pressure regulator. Flow rate of 19 SCFM, output pressure of 300 psi.
    Model AA-160 Air Amplifier—Control the output pressure by adjusting the externally placed inlet drive pressure regulator. Flow rate of 50 SCFM, output pressure of 300 psi.

Advantages of our air amplifiers:

    • Arrives as a complete, ready-to-run unit for your convenience
    • Low maintenance cost and cost-efficient operation
    • Explosion proof and HAZMAT area safe
    • Uses no electricity, therefore consuming no energy and producing no heat
    • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
    • Lightweight and compact with all-aluminum construction

For more information on our models of air amplifiers, click here.

4 Options That Should Come Standard on Your Air Amplifier

If you are looking for an air amplifier, you should know the things to look for that should come standard. Below is a quick list of some of the most important things.

  1. Air filter—This can be a manual or auto drain, depending on your needs and budget. Auto drain obviously makes things easier on you, as it requires less intervention on your part.
  2. Air regulator—Depending on what model you choose, this may be external or built in. For built in, choose model AA-54. For external, go with the AA-160.
  3. Proper gauges—These gauges should include both inlet and outlet gauges for proper monitoring.
  4. Air receiver—The air receiver should come with an outlet regulator that specifies volume and pressure rating. It also needs a drain relief valve.

All of the above options come standard when you purchase an air amplifier from Interface Devices. Check them out here!

Air Amplifier Guidance

Air amplifiers from Interface Devices, Inc. can be obtained from the IDI website here. Interface Devices, Inc. (IDI) provides extensive information about the air amplifiers that are available. Information provided includes details on the flow rate, material composition, benefits of the air amplifier and other details relevant to the purchase and use of an air amplifier.

IDI also offers customers shopping for an air amplifier additional guidance. PDF versions of several essential pieces of documentation, including the Air Amplifier Dimensions, schematic and curves, are all available on their website as well. Customer service including telephone service, email service and line online support over the Internet are all also available to customers shopping for an air amplifier who need assistance from a trained professional.

With the details provided and the selection of air amplifiers available, Interface Devices, Inc. can provide just what the industrial or commercial client is looking for in any situation where an air amplifier is required.