Air-Driven Gas Boosters Are Portable

air-gas-boostersIt may become necessary to boost output pressure in a variety of different applications. Air-driven gas boosters may be utilized to achieve desired output pressure. Air-driven gas boosters are a popular choice for boosting output pressure because the boosters are portable.

Air-driven gas boosters are ideal portable methods of boosting output pressure for many reasons. Systems typically weigh less than 15 pounds, making it easy to transport the booster.  Systems also require few components for installation. As long as two hydraulic lines and an air connection are available, the air-driven gas booster should be able to be installed.  Boosters can also be used in a wide variety of applications because the boosters do not generate heat and do not need a heat exchange like a more traditional hydraulic system would require.

For those interested in exploring whether a portable air-driven gas booster is the appropriate booster to utilize, contact Interface Devices, Inc. today to find out about the full line of available gas boosters.

Are Air-Driven Gas Boosters Efficient?

air-gas-boostersAir-driven gas boosters are an efficient solution for use in applications where it becomes necessary to boost output pressures from anywhere between 50 psi (or 3.4 bar) and up to 4500 psi (or to 306 bar). Air-driven gas boosters are an effective and efficient choice in these situations for many different reasons. One of the biggest advantages to the use of air-driven gas boosters for boosting output pressure is that neither any compressed air, nor any electrical power, is used by the booster in order to maintain continuous pressures for many hours at a time. Because the boosters do not use compressed air or electrical power, the air-driven gas boosters are an efficient solution.

Air-driven gas boosters are suitable for use with most common industrial gases, including with natural gas, hydrogen, and methane. The boosters that are considered high-pressure models are able to use exhaust air in order to provide cooling for boosted gas, making the boosters a very convenient solution. Learn more from IDI today about whether air-driven gas boosters are an efficient option.

Types of Pneumatic Products

Interface Devices, Inc. offers both hydraulic and pneumatic products, among other types of products. Knowing what the options are for hydraulic and pneumatic products is important so the correct IDI product can be selected to fulfill a specific project goal or need.

Pneumatic products that are offered by Interface Devices, Inc.  include both air amplifiers as well as air and gas boosters.

Air amplifiers are able to be used to double gas pressure or air pressure at the point of use. Air and gas boosters are designed to be used to maintain a set output pressure without the consumption of energy while doing so.

Selecting the right pneumatic products for each particular application is important. Interface Devices, Inc. can provide guidance and information on the different pneumatic products that can be purchased and utilized for each given purpose. Take advantage of the information about the products and the detailed specifications available on IDI’s website to determine if a pneumatic product is the best option.

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A Warranty is Important on Air and Gas Boosters

When buying an air or gas booster, it is essential that the booster work well and work for a long time even in challenging applications.  To ensure that the air or gas booster that is purchased is a good one that is likely to be useful for its intended aim, it is important to choose the right products and the right company to buy the products from.

Sure choosing the right products and company means looking not at price and selection, but also for the manufacturer and company that will stand behind the boosters being sold to you. A company that will stand behind its products likely makes good products as they aren’t afraid to make a commitment to customers.

This means that to make sure you get the right air or gas booster, you should make your purchase though a company that offers at least some warranty for both materials and workmanship. Interface Devices Inc. warrants its products for one year from the date the products ship from the factory, so users of boosters from IDI can have peace of mind.

Interface Devices is the right company to buy air and gas boosters. Visit us online or call Toll Free: (800) 539-0193.

Where Should You get Your Gas Boosters From?

Need gas boosters and not sure where to get one? Or maybe you are tired of your current supplier and looking for a change? If so, maybe it’s time that you did business with us here at Interface Devices, Inc. We:

  • Have the experience. We’ve been manufacturing and selling gas boosters for longer than we can remember. That means we’ve had plenty of time to perfect the process.
  • Have a useful knowledge base. Visit our website for all sorts of useful info, including articles, brochures, specs…you name it!Air-Driven Gas Boosters
  • Customize. Don’t see exactly what you need. Don’t know exactly what you need? We can help you figure it out and build it for you.
  • Make you our number one priority. How can you tell? Contact us and let our customer service speak for itself! We drop everything to make sure you are happy with your buying experience.

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Air Booster Technology is Continually Evolving

Interface Devices strives to be on the cutting edge of industrial and aviation equipment needs. Air and gas boosters are available from Interface Devices, Inc. and these products and the technologies behind them are continuously evolving and improving, just like with other types of products.  This means IDI regularly adds to and improves its product line in order to provide customers with the best and latest technology options. Air-Driven Gas Boosters

Air boosters, for example, can be improved and can evolve in a number of different ways as new products are created and become available. For example, in 2008, a newly developed air driven air amplifier made it possible to achieve pneumatic pressures ranging from 100 to 300 psi with 60 to 150 psi. This new development was a benefit to those looking for air boosters that can stand up to demanding applications such as when added output pressure is required in an air cylinder.

This was just one example of how technology has helped give rise to air boosters that can work in new, different and beneficial ways. Both air and gas boosters can change over time and new products can become available. Interface Devices, Inc. will always be up-to-date on the new boosters and other products that customers require.

What is a Gas Booster?

Interface Devices, Inc. designs safe and effective gas boosters for your company’s needs. These boosters are used for increasing gas pressure, transferring high pressure gasses, and scavenging industrial gas bottles to minimize refill costs. Our gas boosters are made to use with most industrial gasses such as methane and hydrogen. Available from pressures ranging from 50psi all the way to 4500psi, we’re sure to have the gas booster that is right for your needs.

Features and advantages of our gas boosters:

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you order your booster from IDI:

  • Operates efficiently
  • Consumes no electricity and produces no heat
  • Satisfactory for HAZMAT and explosion proof areas
  • Composed of durable aluminum, making all devices lightweight
  • Can be mounted multiple different ways
  • Ready to run unit, no tubing or extra fittings required to install

If your company is in need of a gas booster, click here to visit our website and browse our different types and options.

We Will Train You on Your New Oxygen Booster

Not sure you will know how to install or use your new oxygen booster? Well, now with our new online training program, you’ll be up and running in no time. Simply click this link and you will be on your way.

Your Options

We know you are busy, so we have set up an online training for the model OB-30 oxygen booster with the following two options:

  1. View the training program in Flash.
  2. If you don’t have flash, you can click and watch the YouTube version of the training.

What Can You Expect

When you click one of the two formats of the training program, you will find out how to:

  1. Safely install your booster.
  2. How to properly operate it.
  3. Find more information on the product, including websites, instruction manuals, and more.

IDI—We’ve Got Your Back

When you buy from us, we aren’t just going to leave you out in the cold. We will help you get the best use out of your new product in any way that we can. So contact us now!

Things to Remember When Choosing Nitrogen and Oxygen Boosters

In the market for a nitrogen or oxygen booster? Consider this:

  1. Choose brass over stainless steel. When it comes to nitrogen or oxygen boosters, you want to choose ones composed of the highest quality materials. And that means you want brass.
  2. Get boosters ready for installation. You don’t want to waste time trying to put your oxygen and gas boosters together. Instead, look for ones that come in one piece, ready to be installed.
  3. Buy from a reputable supplier. When you buy from someone like IDI, you benefit from a booster specialist. That way you can depend on them to provide the highest quality parts for your application.
  4. Optional equipment is available. Things like a three bottle service cart and cart mounts are available to complement your purchase. These could make things much easier for you.

Get help choosing the right boosters for your application today. Visit!

Why Get Your Gas Boosters from Interface Devices, Inc.?

If you are looking for a new supplier for gas boosters, Interface Devices, Inc. would love to fill that need for you. Having said that, we know there are plenty of other companies out there who would love to have your business too. So the obvious question here is, why in the world would you spend your heard earned money with IDI? Good question.

Our Answer (Why Do Business with IDI)

First and foremost, when you deal with IDI, you deal with a company that has been around since the early 1970’s. Think about that for a second. We are far from being a newbie, fly-by-night sort of company. We have been providing gas boosters and similar products for decades. We have been producing products customers need and love ever since.

Then there are the products themselves. Our gas boosters are one of a kind. They run efficiently at a low cost. They also come to you already put together, all in one piece, no assembly required. They generate no heat and are suitable for HAZMAT environments.

So if you are looking for a gas booster, do business with IDI!