Poppet-Style Solenoid Directional Valves are Cost-Effective

IDI_DO3_SeriesPoppet-style solenoid directional valves that are sold through Interface Devices, Inc. can be utilized with the majority of hydraulic pumps. These poppet-style valves can serve a very important purpose, assisting in the proper maintenance of output pressure and preventing the generation of heat or the consumption of energy by the hydraulic supply.

Interface Devices offers poppet-style valves for use with single acting cylinders or double acting cylinders, with valves available in two-position and three position four-way configurations as well as in three-way configurations.  Each of the poppet-style valves are cost-effective and affordable as well as being versatile.  The poppet-style valves are ideally suited to integrate with air-driven liquid pumps produced by IDI but may also be used in other applications as well.  Contact Interface Devices, Inc. to learn more about the availability of poppet-style solenoid directional valves and to see why these valves are so cost-effective when they are utilized.

What Types of Poppet-Style Valves are Available?

D03-poppet-valvesInterface Devices, Inc. has different kinds of poppet-style valves available for use with air driven liquid pumps and hydraulic pumps. There are two-position four way valves that are considered double solenoid valves or that can be spring offset. There are also three position, four way poppet-style solenoid valves that have four-way springs. The poppet valves with the four-way centered springs may work in applications with any desired center position, including positions with all ports blocked.

Interface Devices, Inc. has different kinds of poppet-style valves to provide opportunities for broad and versatile use. However, all of the poppet-style valves that are available through IDI are able to fit on 4” standard centered D03, NG6, and ISO 6 valve pads. This standard means that it is possible to purchase any valve from IDI including three and four way function valves and rest assured that it will work for the desired use. Learn more on our website.

Get Your “Zero-Leak” Directional Valves Here

If you are looking for a hydraulic directional valve, then IDI is the right supplier for you. Our D03 Series hydraulic valves will fit all your needs. They are:

  • Cost effective—You aren’t going to break the bank here. Instead, look for a durable directional valve at a reasonable price.
  • Zero-leak—You don’t want your valves to be a source of pressure loss. That’s why our directional valves are zero-leak, to ensure that you maintain the pressure you need.
  • They can be used with most hydraulic pumps—Our hydraulic valves work with nearly every hydraulic pump out there. That said, we suggest you contact us before you place your order to make sure they are compatible. We’re here to help you!

Get Your “Zero-Leak” Hydraulic Directional Valve Now

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Using a Hydraulic Directional Valve

When you have either a single acting or a double acting cylinder on your hydraulic pump, a hydraulic directional valve can make pump operation easier. Hydraulic directional valves can be used in conjunction with a hydraulic pump that provides up to 5000 PSI output pressure. Their function is to help ensure that the desired output pressure is maintained while at the same time preventing the hydraulic supply from becoming hot or from using energy.

Hydraulic directional valves allow you to maintain your output pressure from your hydraulic pump for a longer period of time. They can help to reduce the cost of operating your hydraulic pump by preventing the consumption of energy. They are, therefore, both a money-saver and a time saving device since you won’t need to replenish your pressure supply as often.

If you are interested in taking advantage of a hydraulic directional valve for use with your hydraulic pump, you should look into the “zero-leak” directional valves provided by Interface Devices, Inc.   The products can mount to a standard valve subplate for use with hydraulic pumps and Interface Devices will be here to provide customer support and assistance while installing and using your new valve.

A Look at the D03 Series Directional Valves

Have you seen our D03 Series Directional Valves? Here are just a few of the benefits these valves can offer you:

  • Cost effective—Don’t pay more than you have to for your directional valves.
  • Reliable—Carefully designed for your application out of durable materials that keep the directional valve functioning the way it should for a long time.
  • Zero leak—Maintain necessary pressure with our zero leak valves.
  • Stop heat—Our D03 valves will prevent your hydraulic supply from generating heat and consuming energy
  • Warranty—The valves come with the standard product warranty Interface Devices, Inc. has become known for.
  • Up to 5000 psi—For your applications involving intermittent flow/pressure.
  • Options—Standard options offered to you include solenoids, bolt kits, connectors, seal materials and pressure port check valves.
  • Useful width—Mount numerous valves on 2 inch centers thanks to the 1.93 inch width.

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