Check Out the TASQ Line of Air-Driven Liquid Power Pumps

TASQ-liquid-pumpsIf an organization is looking for a durable pump that will offer a significantly longer service life, one of the best options may be the TASQ Line from Interface Devices, Inc. TASQ stands for Tough, Affordable, Simple, and Quality. Pumps are built to stringent quality standards, and come in a standard configuration so they are available as soon as an organization needs them. Although some customization is possible within this line, the TASQ pumps are primarily designed to be readily available so an organization can get a pump working right away that will offer necessary intermittent pressure.

The TASQ line of pumps are suited for applications up to 5000 PSI or 340 bar. This high quality solution is economical and can be provided quickly. The pumps also come with an integral air regulator as well as a self-contained reservoir in a variety of different sizes. To learn more about whether a TASQ line pump is right for you, contact IDI today.