How Much Can Air or Gas Pressure Be Increased Using Air and Gas Amplifiers?

air-amplifiersAir and gas pressure may be inadequate to accomplish a desired task. Air and gas amplifiers make it possible to boost the output pressure significantly above the input pressure so that the air and gas utilized will be sufficient to accomplish what is necessary. Air and gas amplifiers sold by Interface Devices, Inc. can increase the pressure at the point of use by as much as two times the input drive pressure. This makes these air and gas boosters incredibly valuable in situations where compressor pressures are inadequate.

Air and gas amplifiers may be used with most gases, including common industrial gases. The amplifiers can be used with almost all gases other than those requiring special handling or those considered especially volatile. For effective operation of air and gas amplifiers, the drive supply should typically be filtered and should have adequate flow. When these conditions are met, the air and gas amplifiers can be used in production environments.

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