Where Can You Find Manuals and Training Information for IDI Products?

Interface Devices, Inc. sells a wide array of different products including gas boosters, air amplifiers, pumps, and valves. When using any of these products, it may sometimes be necessary to refer to the manual to get specific information about operations. Even those who know how these products work will need to read the manual to learn about all of the specific features and unique requirements associated with using high quality products sold by IDI.

Fortunately, Interface Devices, Inc. makes manuals and training information available and readily accessible on the Interface Devices website. There are manuals for different models of pumps, air amplifiers, gas amplifiers, and gas boosters – among others. Each manual is labeled and there is a description to provide assistance in determining which one is the right manual to refer to for a specific product. By downloading the PDF copy of a product manual from Interface Devices, Inc., it becomes possible to be more familiar with all features and functionality of products being used.

Interface Devices, Inc. Provides Must-Know Information

When purchasing from Interface Devices, Inc. (IDI), it is important to be aware of the warranties provided on boosters and other products. IDI has a comprehensive warranty statement available that demonstrates how the company stands behind every product it sells.

Even high quality products must sometimes be repaired. IDI has detailed instructions on what to do when repair becomes necessary. The instructions include information on the repair policy of IDI, as well as on how to have an evaluation performed of a booster or other products that need to be fixed.

Because IDI sells many different products, product brochures are also available for all products including air amplifiers, gas boosters, EHP pumps, and zero-leak valves. The information contained in the product brochures provides comprehensive details about exactly what benefits and advantages IDI products have and gives the specifications necessary to make an informed purchase. Browse available information today to learn more.

Products Available Through IDI

Interface Devices, Inc. has a wide variety of different products available that are designed to suit myriad different applications. Options include hydraulic products, such as air-driven liquid pumps in different customizable configurations. The different hydraulic products available make it possible to customize the desired PSI so that the output is appropriate to the task.

In addition to the available hydraulic products, IDI also provides pneumatic products such as air amplifiers as well as air and gas boosters. Products are field tested for service life and make it possible to achieve and maintain desired output pressure with limited or no energy consumption once the desired pressure is reached.

IDI products are top-quality as IDI is a leading manufacturer of both hydraulic and pneumatic products. Visit the website of IDI and browse the available products today to find the one appropriate for a desired application.  Custom products are also available and IDI has a well-known reputation as a top supplier and manufacturer. Like us on FaceBook.

Interface Devices, Inc. Provides Solutions

For those in need of air-driven fluid pumps, Interface Devices, Inc. (IDI) is a top supplier. Interface Devices, Inc. also provides other products including hydraulic valves, air amplifiers and both air and gas boosters. In addition to these standard products, IDI makes it possible to design custom fluid power products which will then be engineered to necessary specifications.

Clamping equipment including the Jaws of Life are just some of the different applications where IDI products have been used. IDI has a comprehensive array of drawings and documentation as well as detailed information about fluid power solutions that are available. When only a top manufacturer of fluid power solutions will work for a desired application, IDI is the company to trust. Browse the catalog of available products today to find the product that suits or get in touch with top-notch customer service and support professionals to discuss a custom project made by IDI.

Do You Need Spare or Replacement Parts

Air driven liquid pumps, as well as air and gas boosters, typically have a long operating life with little maintenance required.  Sometimes, however, you may need to repair your pumps or boosters, or replace parts that are no longer working effectively. Interface Devices, Inc. can provide you with the parts that you need to get back up and running again.

IDI has available a huge variety of different spare parts not only for air-driven liquid pumps and for air and gas boosters, but also for poppet-style zero-leak directional valves.   The replacement parts you may need are often classified as “dynamic” parts since they have internal movement within the pump. IDI has a list of recommended spare parts and can also provide assembly drawings in order to make it possible to more easily install the replacement part in your pump or booster.

Have your model and serial number ready and call IDI today to get the parts you need.

Do You Need Repair?

If you have an air or gas booster or an air driven liquid pump, you should expect that it will work effectively for a long time.  With any product, however, eventually parts become old and worn and replacement or repair may become necessary.  You can opt to do a replacement or repair yourself and Interface Devices can provide spare parts and assembly drawings to make this type of fix possible.

However, Interface Devices, Inc. also offers repair of products for you in our facility in Milford Connecticut. It is simple to send your parts in to be repaired. When they are received, an evaluation will be conducted to determine what is necessary. Within about a week, you will receive a report of the problems and the estimated repair cost. You can then have your product repaired and the item shipped back to you so it is ready to be put back into use in your desired application. Call IDI today to learn more about getting your items repaired.

Why You Need the D03 Series Valve for Your Hydraulic Pumps

If you’re looking for a reliable valve for the hydraulic pumps in your factory, Interface Devices, Inc. offers the best products on the market, hands down. The D03 Series poppet-style valves are made extremely durable and guarantee zero leaks, ensuring your hydraulic device will maintain pressure and no valuable energy is lost. The D03 Series valves are composed of aluminum, steel, and polyurethane and can weight from 3.4 pounds at the smallest size, to 3.6 pounds at the largest size. You won’t find a more cost effective, energy efficient valve out there.

Other specifications of the D03 Series valves include:

  • A temperature range of -65 to 225 degrees, ensuring ability to withstand even the most extreme of temperatures
  • A maximum operating pressure of 5000 psi
  • 3 and 4 way directional control valves
  • A nominal flow rate of 3 GPM
  • Compatible with most standard industrial hydraulic fluids

If you would like to view the full D03 Series valve product brochure, click here. You can also view the other devices that Interface Devices, Inc. has to offer.

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How to Get Your Devices Repaired by IDI

If your factory machinery breaks down, the effects can be drastic. After all, how can you conduct business if your machines aren’t creating products or working properly? When a problem arises with one of your machines, you’ll want to take care of it as quickly as possible. Luckily, Interface Devices, Inc. not only sells high quality hydraulic and air pump products, but repairs them as well.

In order to get your interface device repaired by IDI, follow the following steps:

  1. Either print out this form and fill it out, or fill it out on your computer. You will need to send it to IDI along with the broken device.
  2. Ensure the pump has been drained and cleaned.
  3. Place the pump in a sealed bag and package the pump securely with bubble wrap or other padding.
  4. In the box with the broken pump, be sure to include the filled out form along with the name and contact information of the person who should be notified after the evaluation.

You will be contacted about the status of your device within 15 business days.

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Repair Your Interface Device

If your company makes use of any type of interface device, you are probably well aware of how expensive some of these devices can get to completely replace. That’s why you should look into repairing your device rather than replacing it altogether if you run into any problems. Doing so could definitely save you lots of money.

At Interface Devices, we specialize in all types of pumping, boosting, and amplifying devices. They not only sell these interface devices, but have the ability to repair these devices as well. Before looking for a new device, see what Interface Devices can do for you in order to save and keep your wallet intact.

Even if your device is beyond repair, Interface Devices may still be able to help. This is because they have a variety of spare parts available for purchase. If you know what part on your device is broken, you can simply order it from Interface Devices, or even have them come to your business and install the part for you. Don’t waste unnecessary money on a new device, but call Interface Devices to see how they can help.

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Meeting Your Air-Driven Liquid Pump Needs

Air-driven liquid pumps are great for when a constant pressure is required in order for a machine or another device to work. If you’re in need of an air-driven liquid pump for any reason, look no further. Interface Devices has you covered on any type of air-driven pump you could ever possibly want. From extremely powerful pumps that can handle pressures of up to 10,000 psi to less powerful pumps with a lower pressure tolerance, you will be able to find the air-driven liquid pump that works best for you.

And if Interface Devices isn’t carrying a pump that meets your exact individual specifications or standards, you have the option of customizing a pump yourself. You will be able to design the device how you want it so that your pumping needs are best met, and you are receiving the most effective device for your specific use.

Forget making your business or services settle to work with an already existing device, and create a device that works perfectly with your business.

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Types of Pneumatic Products

Interface Devices, Inc. offers both hydraulic and pneumatic products, among other types of products. Knowing what the options are for hydraulic and pneumatic products is important so the correct IDI product can be selected to fulfill a specific project goal or need.

Pneumatic products that are offered by Interface Devices, Inc.  include both air amplifiers as well as air and gas boosters.

Air amplifiers are able to be used to double gas pressure or air pressure at the point of use. Air and gas boosters are designed to be used to maintain a set output pressure without the consumption of energy while doing so.

Selecting the right pneumatic products for each particular application is important. Interface Devices, Inc. can provide guidance and information on the different pneumatic products that can be purchased and utilized for each given purpose. Take advantage of the information about the products and the detailed specifications available on IDI’s website to determine if a pneumatic product is the best option.

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