Air-Driven Gas Boosters Are Portable

air-gas-boostersIt may become necessary to boost output pressure in a variety of different applications. Air-driven gas boosters may be utilized to achieve desired output pressure. Air-driven gas boosters are a popular choice for boosting output pressure because the boosters are portable.

Air-driven gas boosters are ideal portable methods of boosting output pressure for many reasons. Systems typically weigh less than 15 pounds, making it easy to transport the booster.  Systems also require few components for installation. As long as two hydraulic lines and an air connection are available, the air-driven gas booster should be able to be installed.  Boosters can also be used in a wide variety of applications because the boosters do not generate heat and do not need a heat exchange like a more traditional hydraulic system would require.

For those interested in exploring whether a portable air-driven gas booster is the appropriate booster to utilize, contact Interface Devices, Inc. today to find out about the full line of available gas boosters.

IDI Provides You with Gas Boosters

Gas boosters are used in a variety of industrial and professional settings and can be purchased to provide a specific boost to output under appropriate circumstances. Gas boosters are a versatile and popular choice but it is important to make an informed choice about both whether to buy a gas booster and whether a gas booster is right for the particular situation at hand. It is also important to choose the correct booster for the specific application to ensure the required level of output pressure.

At Interface Devices, Inc., the aim is to assist clients in obtaining the right booster product, whether that product is a gas booster or some other type of booster. Information about gas boosters is available on the IDI website to help individuals looking for a booster to become as informed as possible about the use of gas boosters.  This information includes detailed specifications about gas boosters available for purchase. Customer service, including live-chat and telephone customer service- is also available to provide necessary assistance to customers in making a purchase of a gas booster. 

Why Get Your Gas Boosters from IDI?

If you are looking for a gas booster or similar product, we truly believe you will benefit from doing business with our company. For years, Interface Devices, Inc. has been providing high quality gas boosters to people just like you at a reasonable price.

Why order from us?

  • You get a gas booster that’s all in one piece, ready to use right out of the box. That means you do not have to waste precious time trying to put it together prior to installation.
  • You do not need anything extra to install it—no fittings or tubing.
  • Our gas boosters create no heat, thus consuming less energy.
  • We offer online support, should you have any issues during the ordering or installation process.

Order Your Gas Booster from IDI Today

Getting your gas booster is as easy as picking up the phone and dialing 800-539-0193. Or if you would like to look around at our other product offerings, visit us by clicking here.

Top Benefits of Gas Boosters

Gas boosters can provide possible output pressures between 50 PSI and 4,500 PSI, making them a versatile choice. However, the different options for output pressures are not the only big benefit of choosing a gas booster. In fact, gas boosters have some unique features not available in other types of boosters.

So, what are some of those advantages?

Gas boosters can use a variety of different types of fuel. Just some of your options include methane; natural gas; hydrogen and other gases commonly available in an industrial environment. Because gas boosters can get their power from so many different fuel types, you probably already have access to the gas you need.

Gas boosters are extremely portable. They are light-weight, don’t require electricity and come pre-assembled and ready to use.

All of these are major benefits of gas boosters that help to explain why these boosters are used for so many industrial applications.  To learn more, contact Interface Devices today.

Gas Boosters: The Right Choice

Gas boosters are the right choice for a variety of applications where output pressure needs to be increased without generating additional heat. Gas boosters can be used with natural gas, methane, hydrogen and a variety of common industrial gases, making them suitable for almost any industrial application. Gas boosters can even be utilized in Hazmat and explosion proof environments due to the fact that no heat is generated by their use.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of gas boosters, which also include a long functional lifespan and a low cost of maintenance and operation, then Interface Devices Inc. can help.  IDI has more than a half-century of experience providing gas and air boosters to clients. IDI’s products are reliable, made with the best quality parts, and are easy to install. The customer service provided by Interface Devices Inc. is top notch and clients are all provided with free online support and information so you can find the right gas boosters for you.

Oxygen Booster for Aviation Applications

An oxygen booster is a great option for aviation ground support applications. With an oxygen booster, 80 psi drive pressure can produce as much as 2,200 psi oxygen pressure. You can also find an oxygen booster that is shop air powered so it can be used both in the hanger and around the hanger. However, there are many different oxygen boosters on the market, and you will want to make sure you pay attention to some key features so that your booster is safe, efficient and has a long life.

Some things to look for in an oxygen booster include:

  • Brass components. Brass components are far better than stainless steel for oxygen service because it is one of the few materials that will not combust in a pure oxygen environment.
  • A booster with oxygen whetted parts that have been cleaned in compliance with Spec ARP 1176 cleaning standards. 
  • A booster that does not require an air regulator, an air inlet valve or an air lubricator.
  • A booster with 10 micron filters on the inlet and outlet. The dual filters will reduce the risk of contaminants getting in the booster.
  • A self-contained booster that does not have any fittings or tubes and that has an integrated circuit design. This helps to ensure a long and maintenance free life by avoiding potential leaks.

These are just some of the many features to look for in an oxygen booster if you want to be satisfied with your booster choice.

The Pros of the Gas Booster

A gas booster has many different benefits that may make it the perfect solution for a variety of industrial, mechanical or other applications. For example:

  • A gas booster may not require lubricators or inlet air valve regulators. Fewer parts required means easier installation, less cost and less maintenance over time.
  • A gas booster can offer sparkless operation. This helps to ensure that gas boosters are safe for a variety of environments, including HAZMAT environments.
  • Gas boosters with PTFE dynamic seals are constructed to last, which means you will not have to replace your booster or interrupt operations due to a failed booster.
  • A gas booster is able to reach and maintain the desired pressure output with minimal energy consumption. This saves you money on your electrical bill month after month.
  • Gas boosters offer flexibility, with many different output pressures available. Whether you need 50 psi, 4500 psi or anything in between, it is possible to achieve the desired pressure with a gas booster.

If you believe a gas booster is right for you, contact Interface Devices, Inc. to learn more about the top quality as boosters available to you.

Gas Booster for Ease and Efficiency

When you wish to boost output at the point of use, either an air booster or a gas booster is the prime choice. A gas booster can provide efficient and easy operation and gas boosters are both simple to install and versatile.

When you opt for a gas booster, no inlet air valve regulator is required and you also do not need a lubricator. The gas booster can be purchased as a complete unit with an integrated circuit design and you will not need to add fittings or tubing’s prior to use.    All of this combines to make the gas booster very simple to install and start using right out of the box. Even better, gas boosters can also be mounted either horizontally or vertically depending on your needs.

Once you’ve installed your gas booster, operation is safe and easy and there’s minimal cost associated with operation. No electricity is required and no energy is used once the booster reaches the necessary pressure. Plus, because a gas booster doesn’t produce any heat, it can even be used in environments where explosion is possible or in HAZMAT environments. This safe and easy operation, combined with versatility in output pressure and size, makes gas boosters the right choice in many different applications.