Poppet-Style Solenoid Directional Valves are Cost-Effective

IDI_DO3_SeriesPoppet-style solenoid directional valves that are sold through Interface Devices, Inc. can be utilized with the majority of hydraulic pumps. These poppet-style valves can serve a very important purpose, assisting in the proper maintenance of output pressure and preventing the generation of heat or the consumption of energy by the hydraulic supply.

Interface Devices offers poppet-style valves for use with single acting cylinders or double acting cylinders, with valves available in two-position and three position four-way configurations as well as in three-way configurations.  Each of the poppet-style valves are cost-effective and affordable as well as being versatile.  The poppet-style valves are ideally suited to integrate with air-driven liquid pumps produced by IDI but may also be used in other applications as well.  Contact Interface Devices, Inc. to learn more about the availability of poppet-style solenoid directional valves and to see why these valves are so cost-effective when they are utilized.