What Types of Poppet-Style Valves are Available?

D03-poppet-valvesInterface Devices, Inc. has different kinds of poppet-style valves available for use with air driven liquid pumps and hydraulic pumps. There are two-position four way valves that are considered double solenoid valves or that can be spring offset. There are also three position, four way poppet-style solenoid valves that have four-way springs. The poppet valves with the four-way centered springs may work in applications with any desired center position, including positions with all ports blocked.

Interface Devices, Inc. has different kinds of poppet-style valves to provide opportunities for broad and versatile use. However, all of the poppet-style valves that are available through IDI are able to fit on 4” standard centered D03, NG6, and ISO 6 valve pads. This standard means that it is possible to purchase any valve from IDI including three and four way function valves and rest assured that it will work for the desired use. Learn more on our website.