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The Model OB-30 Training Program was created to educate users as to the best practices for installing, maintaining and storing the OB-30 oxygen booster, as well as how to safely operate the OB-30 in the manner for which it was intended. All personnel operating the OB-30 should be familiar with and adhere to the OB-30 Oxygen Booster Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual as well as all instructions for the aircraft and component parts regarding the servicing the aircraft with oxygen. All components that come in contact with the oxygen flow need to be certified for use with oxygen and rated for the system pressure. When servicing an aircraft with oxygen, it is imperative that all required safety precautions are strictly followed, including cleaning all tools and inspecting all equipment prior to each use (wrenches, screwdrivers, booster, drive supply, hoses, connections, etc.), as well as wearing the required clothing and eye protection to comply with company policy, local laws and government safety agencies (such as OSHA).