Service: Parts & Repairs

IDI stocks a broad base of spare parts and has a repair facility for all of our products. Contact your local distributor or IDI directly for pricing and availability.

Please have your model number and serial number handy when calling in for price and delivery or when placing orders.


IDI stocks virtually all spare parts used in its air-driven liquid pumps, poppet-style zero-leak directional valves, air and gas amplifiers, and air and gas boosters. The majority of these parts are considered "dynamic," or those that have internal movement in the pump. Complete recommended spare parts lists are available from IDI along with assembly drawings to assist with installation.

Major parts for any of IDI's air-driven type pumps include:

  • Seal Kits
  • Drive Section Kits
  • Regulator Kits
  • Ratio Plate Assemblies (includes pistons, shaft, isolation plate and pre-installed dynamic seals)
  • Air and Hydraulic Gauges
  • Filter Elements
  • Check Valves

Quick turnaround times – often including same-day shipment of in-stock parts – are our norm, and special shipping needs can generally be met.


IDI repairs all our products at our Milford, CT facility. For your convenience, a repair instruction form (PDF) is available for download. Fill out the form and return to IDI to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA) in order to make the repair process much smoother and take less time.

When IDI receives the item(s), an evaluation will be performed. Without any special instructions, this can take up to a week. A report and quotation to repair will be prepared, and the customer will be notified. Once IDI receives the approval to proceed, the repair and return shipment generally occurs within 24 hours.

Breakdown service is available upon request. There may be a modest rush fee depending on the nature of the repair.

Pumps sent in without an RMA or other instructions will be held until contacted by the customer. Any pumps returned without contact information and instructions will be held for 60 days. If no instructions or other contact follow within 60 days, IDI reserves the right to dispose of the pump.

Any parts orders or repairs coming from customers without an account can be best handled by credit card payment. IDI accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

OB-30 Service

OB-30 Repairs and Recertification services are available. OB‐30 boosters being returned for recertification can only be sent to: Interface Devices, Inc., 230 Depot Rd. Milford, CT 06460 USA.

As explained in our OB-30 Oxygen Booster Operation & Maintenance Manual, recertification is required for any OB‐30 Booster that has been in service for 1500 hours or two years since its last factory certification, whichever occurs first.

The OB‐30 is heavy for its size, so please be sure to properly pack it in a safe container for shipping. It is best to use the original shipping box the booster came in, if available. If the original box is not available, shipping boxes are available from the factory. Please only return the OB‐30 booster itself. Do not send any items such as the O2 bottle regulator or O2 hoses. We do not service these items.

Contact Interface Devices prior to returning the booster to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Be sure to have your OB‐30 serial number on hand prior to calling in. The company, contact name, phone number and e‐mail address MUST be included with the booster being returned.

Gauges needing recalibration will be replaced with new certified calibrated gauges. Certificates will be provided.

Turnaround times on boosters vary, but are typically two to three weeks.

Feel free to contact us directly to learn more about the recertification process and to schedule your unit for service.

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