Custom-engineered Products

Custom-engineered Products

Offering More Than 40 Years of Design Innovation

IDI has designed purpose-built products for a wide variety applications, including zero-gravity power units, an aerospace fastener tool and power unit, "One-Shot" air/oil pumps for rivet guns, a brake switch life cycle test stand, a rescue tool (Jaws of Life®) integral power unit, an air bag valve and a high-pressure relief valve, just to name a few.

IDI has drawn on its 43 years of experience while assisting customers with developing and prototyping custom products. Engineering our line of products, including the unique, patented E, H and P Series air-driven liquid pumps and zero-leak poppet-style directional valves – as well as field-proven air and gas boosters and air and gas amplifiers – has given IDI the technical expertise to tackle new and unique designs.

Because IDI is a small business, it also assists with the design and decision processes, employing personnel with multiple talents and areas of expertise that have the ability to work together to make the previously unachievable a reality. This spirit of innovation started with the invention of IDI's first product, the air-driven liquid pump.

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