Air-driven Gas & Air Amplifiers

Air-driven Air & Gas Amplifiers

Air-driven, positive-displacement pumps double air or other gas pressure at point of use.

IDI Gas and Air Amplifiers offer the ability to increase pressure at point of use up to 2x the inlet pressure. This is very useful for applications where air or gas pressure from a source is inadequate for the task intended.

Available in two sizes, IDI Air Amplifiers are available with a variety of accessories to suit the application. ASME code air receivers can be included to create a complete pressure application package. Air filters, regulators and automation features are available to make for a "plug & play" package.

The Amplifiers can produce up to 250 psi with flows up to 28 SCFM (6881 Liters/M).

Features & Benefits

Compact and Lightweight

  • Allows for portable operation. Most systems weigh less than 15 lbs (7 kg).
  • Easy to install. Most systems require air inlet and outlet connections. Gas amplifiers require an additional connection for the gas inlet.
  • Makes replacement and maintenance less frequent/labor intensive.

Air-driven, Positive-displacement Operation

  • Consumes no compressed air or electric power while maintaining pressures up to 300 psi (20 bar) for hours on end.
  • Does not generate heat during the pump cycle or while maintaining pressure.
  • Nearly 100% efficient, so no energy is wasted in achieving the task at hand.

Aerospace-grade Dynamic Seals

  • Provides operational longevity with minimal risk of leakage.
  • "Dry" operation; no lubrication required.
  • Saves on maintenance and spare parts cost.


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IDI air-driven gas and air amplifiers offer a compact, reliable way to increase air or gas pressure at point of use up to twice the input drive pressure.

Air and gas boosters have been employed in a multitude of applications, but they are typically used to boost air pressure in areas where compressor pressure is inadequate to perform a function on a machine or process.

The amplifiers are capable of handling most gasses, with the exception of certain volatile gasses or those requiring special handling (such as oxygen). For optimum reliability, the boost media should be filtered and dry. The drive supply should have adequate flow and also be filtered. If the conditions are kept clean and proper maintenance practices are employed, the gas and air amplifiers can be used in production environments.

Standard or ASME code 7 vessels can be used downstream of the amplifiers to dampen pulsations or store higher-pressure air or gas to achieve a flow burst, if required.

IDI air and gas boosters can generally be delivered in 24 to 48 hours. Premium construction materials, including dry-running aerospace seals, help with amplifier reliability.

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