TASQ™ Line Air-driven Liquid Power Pumps for Fluid Power Applications

Air-driven Liquid Power Pumps for Fluid Power Applications - TASQ Series

Durable pumps with significantly longer service life, for intermittent flow and pressures

Tough • Affordable • Simple • Quality

The TASQ line of air-driven pumps are standardized versions of IDI's hydraulic power units. The pumps are single acting and built to IDI's stringent quality mantra. Pumps are a standard configuration, making them more economical and readily available from inventory in most cases. While The TASQ line lends itself to some degree of customization of hydraulic circuitry, it is intended to be a high-quality solution for intermittent pressure and flow applications up to 5000 psi (340 bar).

TASQ air-driven pumps come with an integral air regulator, a self-contained reservoir in an assortment of sizes and an international standard D03 (ISO 3) valve pad that can be used for standard valves or blanked off for routine pressure applications.

For more advanced customization and pressures up to 10,000 psi (680 bar), please see our E, H & P Series pumps.

Features & Benefits

Air-driven, Positive-displacement Operation

  • Consumes no compressed air or electric power while maintaining pressures up to 5,000 psi (340 bar) for hours on end.
  • Does not generate heat during the pump cycle or while maintaining pressure. Eliminates the need for the oversized oil reservoirs or heat exchangers that are present in many hydraulic pump systems.
  • Nearly 100% efficient, so no energy is wasted in achieving the task at hand.

Compact and Lightweight

  • Allows for portable operation. Most systems weigh less than 15 lbs (7 kg).
  • Easy to install. Most systems require an air connection and two hydraulic lines.
  • Makes replacement and maintenance less frequent/labor intensive.


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IDI'S TASQ line of air-driven liquid pumps are a standardized version of the E, H & P series pumps. While not offering the same extensive customization flexibility as the as the E, H & P series, TASQ pumps are made with a standard hydraulic section, helping keep costs lower. Some additional functionality can be added with modular valves used on the standard D03 (NG6, ISO6) valve included with the package. Like its bigger brother, the TASQ line of air-driven liquid pumps can achieve very high hydraulic pressures – up to 5000 psi (340 bar) – making them ideal for use with IDI zero-leak poppet-style solenoid valves.

TASQ pumps can usually be delivered within 24 hours and can be installed in minutes.

With smaller volumetric output, these pumps ensure that the flow required for the application can be met with room to spare. This is generally not a problem with low-volume applications such as power workholding.

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