D03 Series Poppet-style Solenoid Directional Control Valves

Poppet-style Solenoid Directional Control Valves - D03 Series

Cost-effective poppet-style valves for reliable actuation of single or double-acting cylinders

Interface Devices' D03 Series valves are cost-effective solutions for reliable actuation of single- or double-acting cylinders. These poppet-style, zero-leak, 3 and 4-way directional control valves are solenoid actuated and can be used with most hydraulic pumps to maintain pressure while preventing the hydraulic supply from consuming energy or generating heat. Mounts to international standard valve subplate (D03, NG6, ISO 03).

D03 valves are available in 2 position, 4-way; 3 position, 4-way; and 3-way configurations. The directional valves are rated to pressures up to 5000 psi (340 bar). These directional valves are a far more economical alternative to "zero-leak" valves and are ideally suited for integration with IDI Air-driven Liquid Pumps.

Features & Benefits

Aircraft-grade 7075 T651 Aluminum Body and Heat-treated Poppet Seats

  • Lightweight and durable for demanding applications.
  • Long service life and little to no maintenance.
  • Seated valves offer true "zero-leak" performance.

Available Built-in "P" Port Check Valve

  • Suitable for operation of multiple independent cylinders.
  • Additional valves are not required for isolation.
  • Slim profile allows for multiple valves to mount on a single system.


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These poppet-style valves are available in most 3 and 4-way functions. This would include 2 position, 4-way, double solenoid or spring offset; and 3 position, 4-way, spring centered with any desired center position (all ports blocked, for example). IDI poppet-style solenoid valves fit on standard 4" (101.6mm) centered D03 (NG6, ISO 6) valve pads. Built-in isolation check valves make this line ideal for use in applications requiring multiple valves. With pressures rated up to 5000 psi, IDI valves are ideal for use in power workholding in conjunction with IDI's E, H & P Air-driven Liquid Pumps.

With high-quality materials, precision manufacturing and quick deliveries, IDI poppet valves are a much better option than spool valves, particularly in higher-pressure applications.

Solenoids are available in most voltages, specified by the customer and are rated for continuous duty while using relatively low amps.

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